DIY Wedding Crafts

DIY Wedding Crafts

A great addition for a DIY Wedding! There were so many crafts I wanted to complete before my wedding. With so little time I had to pick and choose! So here’s a random wine rack I picked up at a garage sale. I thought it would be the perfect stand to put drinks, mixers, wine glasses on. Easy to decorate in any way you see fit.

Outdoor Decor

We went with a LOT of different themes. One main theme was Alice in Wonderland – a teapot and vintage feel. Below is a photo of rustic watering cans we used for decor. We spread them out all over the yard, it was lovely. I didn’t get married under the white trellis, but I instead walked through it for my entrance during the ceremony.


watering cans

DIY wedding decor, vintage watering cans


Wedding trellis

DIY wedding decor, outdoor trellis

Polaroid Camera/ Guestbook

This was a huge hit! My sister purchased the camera, film, guestbook and gel pens as a gift. The cost of all the materials was around $100. It was worth it – something I can keep forever.


DIY wedding, guest book

My sister found this crafty little idea on Pinterest! What a great addition


The gel pen colors we used were gold and silver, they were so shiny and pretty!


DIY wedding, guestbook

We used a Polaroid camera , it was so much fun


The guests love this idea. It was fun, simple and creative. We actually had the DJ announce a reminder for all guests to sign the book, throughout the night. This way, people could go take a picture at different times!


DIY, Polaroid camera

Polaroid camera – we used the Fujifilm Instax mini


Here’s a picture of the camera my sister purchased. You can find the same camera here! Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera – Flamingo Pink


DIY Wedding Sign

DIY Wedding, Star Wars wedding sign, Eat, Drink and May the Force Be With You

DIY Wedding, Star Wars wedding sign, Eat, Drink and May the Force Be With You


I made about three wedding signs. I found the recycled wood on my neighbors tree lawn! I used to paint, as well as paint pens to write with. I sat outside for an hour one day and crafted these up. Here is the link to the majority of my wedding planning and other DIY crafts here Our Wedding



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    Jessica @Nutritioulicious
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    These are all so cute! Such great ways to add something special to your day of celebration. 🙂

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    July 31, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    […] … Then I went ahead and planned our Honeymoon! More DIY crafts here DIY Crafts […]

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