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Trust Your Gut: Promote a Healthy Tummy during Antibiotic Treatment

What are Probiotics

What really is healthy gut flora?  Gut flora, or healthy bacteria, are living microorganisms in our intestines;  supporting and promoting a healthy immune system.  Think of healthy gut bacteria as a barrier, or fence, built to fight harmful bacteria coming in from the great outdoors…

Probiotics, yogurt

yum in the tum

When unhealthy bacteria enters the body, it can cause infection – invading the immune system. Thankfully, we have antibiotics! Unfortunately, when we take antibiotics to kill off the harmful bacteria, we are in turn, destroying our healthy bacteria as well. The unwanted bacteria seizes the opportunity; growing, multiplying and increasing risk of infection. This ultimately weakens our immune system; making fighting future harmful bacteria more difficult- bummer

Ever wonder why your doctor once told you, “…be sure to complete the course of your antibiotic treatment”?! It’s so the harmful bacteria is completely gone – once and for all. Ending your treatment early just because you’re feeling better is not a good choice. The harmful bacteria can continue to spread. You can become antibiotic-resistant – no beuno! and healthy bacteria will be in harm’s way.



Luckily, through consuming some magical foods, we are able to replenish our healthy gut bacteria, strengthen our immune system and restore the balance!

Try to eat Fermented Foods, during and after antibiotic treatment. Here is a link to a yogurt and fruit pizza recipe 🙂 Fruit Pizza Pie

Fermented foods:  Some yogurts (ex. Activia, Greek – just check the label). Dairy-free? Try Trader Joe’s Coconut Yogurt. Other foods like tempeh, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso (often found in miso soup) and pickles. Prefer a drink? Try Kefir, or kombucha – or fermented tea.

All these foods naturally aid in the restoration of healthy gut flora!

Probiotics, yogurt

Make sure to look for the Probiotics symbol on the back of the yogurt

There are, of course, supplements available. I would recommend speaking with your doctor before you try them. Also, food first – our bodies absorb the nutrients in food way more than those found in supplements.

Supplements: Florastor, Culturelle, Bio-K+

By, Stacey Orner RD/ LDN


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